Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Addi LOVES to read and listen to stories! We read stories every night before bed!

The Great Outdoors...

The weather is getting warm (well was) and Addisyn LOVES to be outside! We had a good week of warm weather about 1 or 2 weeks ago and she was outside every second! We took her to the park a couple blocks aways and had a picnic for dinner and she swang and climbed on the playground! She is catching on to so many things. When she wants to go outside she will say "side" and then she will say "shoe" and "coat" and run to her room and get them for me to put on her! She gets SO excited when I let her go out! She is definitely our little princess, but sure isn't afraid to get down and dirty!


We decided to get a dog a couple weeks ago. We got him for free from some people in Tooele that didn't have the time for him. His name is Jack and he is a purebread Beagle. A little less than a week after we got him, he started getting really sick. He was throwing up everywhere and then started getting really bad diarrhea. He stopped eating and drinking and didn't have ANYTHING for almost 4 days! He was literally skin & bone! Dax went and got a medication for him he found online from a pet supply store in Magna. We tried it for about a day and a half and he wouldn't keep it down! So...we decided to take him into the vet, knowing it was going to cost a fortune! He came up positive for Parvo! We had to make a decision to either put him down or see if they could save him. It was very hard, in that short period of time, he had become part of our family and Addi's best friend! We decided to see if they could save him. He spent 2 days at the vet with a cathader, IV, and was recieving meds morning and night for his stomach and the Parvo. When we called the vet after the 2 days they said he didn't have as much energy as they would like, but they would send him home with his meds. We went to pick him up (and pay our extra large bill) and he came running out with his tail wagging! We were so excited! About a week after we got him back we went to St. George to visit family for the weekend. The day after we got back we were running to Salt Lake to pick up something. I got a phone call saying Jack had been picked up by the "animal police" and had been impounded! Again, we had to make a decision...do we leave him there or pay the very large sum to get him out...we paid it! Jack is now home and back to his old self! Needless to say...this FREE dog turned out to be EXTREMELY pricey!

BiRtHday CrEatIonS

So, I love to bake...not cook...BAKE! It's very bad for me because I end up eating most of what I make, but I try to have fun and get creative! For the kids birthdays I ATTEMPT to make them a cake of their choice! My mom did it for me when I was young and so I think it's a great tradition to carry on! I enjoy doing it and love seeing the finished product....even if it isn't perfect! My first one was the football cake, then for Addi's birthday in November I did Elmo, and my most recent one is Spongebob! Here are a couple I have done....

Tallon Dean....

Tallon is 5 years old now! Man, how time flies! When Dax and I started dating, Tallon was 8 months old. He comes to stay with us every other weekend. He is a GREAT big brother and loves his little sister! Addi adores Tallon and loves it when he comes to play. When Tallon comes we love to play outside, go to museums, watch movies, and bake fun things! Tallon is learning so much every day, it's fun to see how he progresses when he comes to visit!

Our Little Angel...Addisyn Kelly

Our little Addisyn was sent to us on November 25, 2007! She was not planned, but had added so much to our lives and we are SO grateful for her and everything she teaches us! She was born C-section! My first child and I was scared to death! I have never had ANY kind of surgery and then they told me I was gonna be cut wide open! I admit, I was crying! When I went in the doctor had been doing something to my stomach for a second and then he asked "Ferris, are you ready to start?" I replied "yes" very hesitantly. "Good! We already have!" was his reply! Addi was born about 10 minutes later! She weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz. and measured 21.5 inches long. She's the BEST thing that's ever happened to us! She has the funnest personality! It's so hard to be upset with her because she just breaks our hearts when she cries and makes us crack up when she laughs or smiles! She is our PRIDE and JOY! She is now 16 months and NEVER ceases to amaze us!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Begining

Dax and I got married on July 9, 2005 in St. George, UT! It was so pretty and we had a great time! We had an outside ceremony and reception in Dax's dads backyard! We were surrounded by close friends and family in the beautiful outdoors! We went on our honey moon to Las Vegas! We had a blast! We even got our picture with Pete Rose (the baseball player) and a signed baseball! We are now living in Ogden, UT. Dax is attending Weber State University and works there at night as well! I am enjoying being a stay at home mom! I do daycare from my home. I definitely thought it would be a lot easier than it is...but I was SO wrong! I think it is worse than going to work! I always am trying to keep up with the mess of the house! But I love every second of it! We have 2 kids, Tallon 5 (my stepson), and Addisyn 16 months! We enjoy getting Tallon every other weekend! Addisyn is our little monster! She is our special gift! When we found out I was pregnant Dax really wanted a little girl! I was estatic when I found out we were having a girl! She has been what's kept us going and on our feet! We love her to death and enjoy spending every second just watching her learn and grow! She is SO energetic, fun, and extremely smart!