Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A MAN and his TRUCK

Dax has wanted an old beater truck! Since we've been married he's always talked about getting one! I finally caved when we only had our one car and I NEVER got to use it and it was ALWAYS trashed! He now has his truck and is in hog heaven!

My most recent cake! The lady never came and picked it up!

A Great Mother Remembered

Mother's Day is always a very hard time of the year for me! Fifteen years ago my mom passed away from complications due to her heart. I was 6 years old at the time. I remember so much about my mom, I think it is a gift Heavenly Father gave me because not a lot of 6 year olds can remember the details I can. My brother and sister, however, can not remember her, except from the pictures! My mom was the BEST mom ever! She cared so much for her kids and put them before herself...always! She even risked her life to have us, knowing she might not come out of each pregnancy alive! But she did and for that I admire her! She put all her trust and faith in her Heavenly Father and never doubted the fact that she wanted to have children!
This year, like every year, was very hard on me! I have a bear she made me when I was very little and when I start to miss her and want her with me I hold that bear and just cry! I know she's always with me, but it just gives me so much comfort to have my bear! So this year I spent a lot of time with my bear the couple days before Mother's Day and the day of. Every year we go up to the Heber City Cemetery where my mom is buried and visit her grave! This year I wanted to start something new. We always put flowers on her grave, but I wanted to send her something! When I was little my Aunt bought me a balloon and took me to a park to "send" the balloon to my mom! So this year I bought 2 balloons and me and Addi sent them to a wonderful mom and grandma! I know Addi doesn't understand now, but one day she will and hopefully she will know what a great lady her grandma was!

And they're on their way to the best Mom and Grandma!

Getting ready to send our balloons!